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KNF N 630
Model Comparison

KNF N 630 consists of a series of vacuum pumps and compressors, providing a wide selection of pump head configurations and connection types within a durable, robust design. Double diaphragm and explosion-proof models are also available for heavy-duty applications.

ModelDescriptionMax flow rate
50 | 60 Hz
bar g
mbar abs.
N 630One-headed vacuum pump and
30 | 357120
N 630.15Two-headed compressor,serial30 | 351270
N 630.3Two-headed vacuum pump,serial30 | 350.525
N 630.1.2Two-headed compressor,parallel58 | 687120

Special versions:

Key Advantages
  • High level of gas tightness, from 5 × 10-5 to 6 × 10-6 mbar × l/s
  • The pump copes well with aggressive/corrosive media
  • The pump can start against the entire pressure and vacuum range 
  • Stable transfer rate at all pressure levels throughout the process
  • The permissible ambient and media temperatures can be extended to 60 °C / 140 °F with water cooling for non-Ex versions
  • The affixed base rails and shock mounts effectively minimize noise and vibration
  • The series fulfills the criteria for completed machinery according to directive 2006/42/EC, thus comes with the CE mark
Possible Areas of Use
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Process industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Energy industry, for instance, pressure increase for natural gas
  • Gas recovery, for instance, in cryostats
  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure35
    Ultimate vacuum mbar abs.120
    Operating pressure bar g7
    Protection class - motor IP 55
    Protection class - pump IP 20
    • Pump head: stainless steel
    • Diaphragm: PTFE-coated/EPDM
    • Valves: stainless steel

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