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Verderflex M 2000 OEM peristaltic pump offers higher flow rates with autoclavable, snap-on tube cartridge
Autoclavable Tube Cartridge with Higher Flow Rates

The Verderflex M2000 OEM peristaltic pump offers higher flow rates (up to 1.9 l/min) as well as the patented, autoclavable snap-on tube cartridge, making tube changeover a lot easier.

DC motor options are available for applications requiring speed / flow variations. Areas of use include: chemical dosing, laundry equipment and vending machines.

Tube sizeSpeedFlow rate (l/min)Flow rate (l/hr)
8.0×1.9 mm65 RPM0.531.6
85 RPM0.741.3
125 RPM1.060.7
176 RPM1.485.5
240 RPM1.9114
    • Autoclavable, snap-on tube cartridge
    • DC motor options offer speed / flow rate variations
    • Contamination-free handling of the media
  • Pump head Black polycarbonate with support bearing and mounting plate
    Motor Asynchronous shaded pole motor with thermal protection and cooling fan; spur gearbox
    Rotor Polycarbonate, 316 stainless steel inserts with Nylatron® rollers
    Power supply 12/24V DC 30 W, robust DC 100 W, or 110, 220 and 240V 50/60 Hz 290W
    Tube (1) Verderprene: 8mm tube/cartridge assy, (2) Silicone: 8mm tube cartridge assy
    Tube size 8.0×1.9 mm
    Weight 1.8 kg

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