Laboratory Pump Applications


Rotary Evaporation

The new range of KNF rotary evaporators include latest safety enhancements, clever functional details and distinct handling advantages backed by valuable customer feedback.

Both RC 900 and RC 600 offer new features for easy and reliable process repeatability.

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Gel Drying

KNF offers a choice of diaphragm vacuum pumps designed to be chemically resistant, to help achieve optimal results when drying gels.

The integrated rotational speed control in KNF N 920 G enables the pumping speed to be easily adapted to the process.


Vacuum Ovens

KNF provides a series of high-performance pumps with automatic condensate removal, help reduce the processing time. These pumps also feature outstanding chemical compatibility and fast evacuation of large quantities of vapor.



KNF provides a selection of chemical-resistant pumps suitable for a wide range of solvents and filtration applications. Pumps for liquid filtration are also available.

For solid phase extraction, KNF offers a complete line of robust, two-stage pumps with deep and accurate vacuum control.


Liquid Transferring and Metering

KNF SIMDOS 02 and SIMDOS 10 feature easy calibration and several programmable settings. Excellent chemical resistance, IP 65 splash-proof along with other advantages make them the ideal choice of laboratory dosing and metering.

KNF offers a range of easy-to-use laboratory transfer pumps via its LIQUIPORT® series. Designed to be chemical-resistant, they can safely convey almost all types of liquids.


Fluid Aspiration

KNF laboratory pumps provide reliable low pressure and accurate control for sensitive or powerful liquid aspirations and suction filtration.

These pumps are environmentally-friendly, cost-effective alternative to water aspirators.



KNF offers a full line of portable, oil-free diaphragm pumps with models specifically suited for vacuum degassing of compounds. A choice of flow rate and vacuum options are available.

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Multi-User Vacuum Systems

KNF offers a number of cost-effective multi-user solutions, enabling several different applications to be concurrently controlled by a single laboratory vacuum system.

The VC 900 vacuum controller is a powerful, versatile control unit that easily integrates with any diaphragm vacuum pump or house vacuum source.

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