Vacuum Controller

KNF Neuberger
Easy Integration and Great Compatibility

KNF VC 900 is a powerful, versatile vacuum control unit that easily integrates with nearly any diaphragm vacuum pump or house vacuum source.

The vacuum controller can be operated in four different modes, effectively allowing comprehensive control over your vacuum pump application.

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Permissible media and ambient temperature

Accuracy of measurement

VC 900

+10° to +40°C

Permissible media and ambient temperature

±1 mbar

Accuracy of measurement

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Four Modes of KNF VC 900
  • Evacuate: a vacuum chamber is evacuated as quickly as possible by means of the vacuum source that is connected to the control unit. If a variable KNF pump is connected to the vacuum controller, the vacuum chamber can be evacuated with variable pump capacity.
  • Pressure Control: The vacuum controller controls the system pressure to the selected value (constant pressure).
  • Automatic: The vacuum controller automatically finds the vapor pressure of the sample and adjusts the process pressure accordingly. (Only if a variable KNF pump is connected to the vacuum controller.)
  • Function: Vacuum is controlled according to a user-entered pressure curve. Up to 10 different pressure curves can be stored.

For technical data, please see KNF VC 900 product page.

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