N 630 Double Diaphragm Series

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bar g

KNF N 630
Increased Safety. Now with an External Sensor.

By adding a safety diaphragm underneath the working diaphragm, double diaphragm pumps from KNF effectively prevent gas from leaking, making them perfect for handling rare, valuable, and hazardous gases.

Moreover, double diaphragm models of the N 630 can be equipped with an external sensor to monitor the current status of the working diaphragm, thus ensuring better safety in the workplace.

N 630__.12 EOne-headed vacuum pumps and
Datasheet Manual 3D CAD
N 630.3__.12 ETwo-headed vacuum pumps,
Datasheet Manual 3D CAD
N 630.1.2__.12 ETwo-headed vacuum pumps,
Datasheet Manual 3D CAD
The All-Rounder Pumping Solution

Being the newest additions to the all-rounder N 630 product lineup, these double diaphragm models share the same feature set as followings:

  • High level of gas tightness: from 5 × 10-5 to 6 × 10-6 mbar × l/sec
  • High chemical resistance
  • The IP 55 motor can be used at 50/60 Hz and operate with a variable frequency drive
  • Media and ambient temperatures of up to 60 °C possible with water cooling
  • Stable transfer rate at all pressures throughout the process
  • Quiet running with minimal vibration
  • The pump fulfills the criteria for completed machinery according to directive 2006/42/EC, hence comes with the CE mark

KNF Modular System enables various customization options and timely response to the market. For custom-fit solutions, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure68
    Operating pressure bar g3
    Protection class - motor IP 55
    Protection class IP 20
    • Pump head: stainless steel
    • Diaphragm: PTFE-coated/EPDM
    • Valves: stainless steel

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