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Verderflex Peristaltic OEM M 60, featuring snap-on cartridge design for quick tube release
Cartridge Design for Simple Tube Change

Verderflex M60 is a compact panel-mounted peristaltic pump. The pump features a snap-on tube cartridge to eliminate tools, simplifying and speeding up tube changeovers.

The Snap-On Cartridge Design of Verderflex M60
Hassle-free tube change with the smart cartridge design from Verderflex
Easy Integration

The M60 is easy to integrate into equipment and can be widely used in many OEM fields, such as analyzer feeds, chemical dosing systems, condensate removal pumps, fixed volume flushing systems, metering sample volumes and vending machine.

Working rpm (nominal) 95 rpm 150 rpm 192 rpm
Tube size 1.6 bore 26 ml/min 44 ml/min 61 ml/min
3.2 bore 97 ml/min 169 ml/min 221 ml/min
4.0 bore 134 ml/min 232 ml/min 313 ml/min
4.8 bore 159 ml/min 306 ml/min 375 ml/min
    • Snap-on cartridge design for fast tube change
    • Compact, panel-mounted solution for high volume OEM requirements
    • Handling the media without contamination
  • Max. flow rate 375 ml/min
    Max. discharge pressure 1 bar (Verderprene only)
    Body materials Polycarbonate; nylon
    Motor 24 V DC brushed (non continuous running rated)
    Rotor materials PBT & SS
    Tube Verderprene, Silicone
    Weight (typical) 0.32 kg
    Max. particle size 4.8 mm
    Max. operating temperature 85 °C

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