KNF Neuberger
Modularity in Design

KNF OEM pumps enable design engineers to create high-quality systems and devices across multiple industries. The KNF Modular System in these pumps permits a wide range of customization possibilities.

High Performance

Latest technical innovations such as the stress-optimized diaphragm result in pumps with high-level performance, long-term durability, and a relatively compact size.

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Swing Piston Pumps

Offering higher flow rates than the corresponding diaphragm pumps of the same dimensions, swing piston pumps are dry-run safe and 100%…


OEM Dosing Pumps

The stepper motors in FEM series ensure accurate speed control. And the solenoid-powered FMM and FL series are easy to adjust flow rate and…


OEM Diaphragm Liquid Pumps

KNF transfer pumps combine maximum performance with minimum size. Chemical-resistant materials enable the pumps to convey almost any type of liquid, whether neutral or…


OEM Diaphragm Gas Pumps

KNF gas pump types are based on the same working principle of an oscillating diaphragm inside the pump head offering oil-free, uncontaminated and maintenance-free…


Micro Gas Pumps

KNF micro diaphragm gas sampling pumps are compact and powerful with patented technology that guarantees high performance. DC motors of variously rated voltages are…


Solenoid Diaphragm Liquid Pumps

Offering 10,000 hours or 250 million strokes lifetime, these solenoid-driven liquid pumps come with an integrated valve function preventing uncontrolled flow in off-mode…



KNF offers a range of accessories such as pressure control valves and pulsation dampers to round off your fluid-handling…


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