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Verderflex Steptronic Mini-Load - Peristaltic Pump with 12-bit Stepper Motor, Dual Stackable
Cost-Effective, Single Source Solution

The Steptronic is a cost-effective single source solution giving all users from design engineers to large OEM manufactures maximized performance and reliability.

This new pump range from Verderflex can effectively reduce downtime and eliminate the design uncertainty associated with the separate specification of pumps, drives and control systems.

Hi-Resolution Stepper Motor

The Steptronic integrates an accurate, high-resolution 12-bit stepper drive which is suitable for continuous duty and critical “multi-cycle” OEM applications. Moreover, the pump is designed to operate as either a panel mounted or standalone OEM cased unit.

Easy Tube Change

The Steptronic Mini-Load features easy tube change and dual stackable option with supported tubing. Areas of use include laboratory, bio process, water treatment, industrial lapping, chlorine monitoring and more.

Please see Steptronic EZ Head for applications requiring higher flow rate (up to 1.31 l/min, with speed up to 250 RPM).

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    • A cost-effective single source solution for maximizing performance and reliability
    • Quick release, dual-stackable, compact pump head
    • 4000:1 turn down
    • 0.1% speed accuracy
    • Programmable speed range
    • Built-in electronic controller
    • Optional: a cased version with IP 66 class protection
  • Max. flow rate 0.38 l/min
    Max. discharge pressure 2 bar
    Pump head Acetal & Glass Filled Nylon (One or two head options available)
    Motor High-resolution, 12-bit stepper drive, 12–36V range DC 20W; variable speed: 0.001 to 409.6 RPM
    Analog flow control 0–10V DC (13V DC Max), scalable 4–20 mA (27 mA Max)
    Rotor 4 Roller
    Tube material Verderprene, Silicone, Viton® and Tygon®
    Tube sizes 1.6×1.6 mm, 3.2×1.6 mm, 4.0×1.6 mm, 4.8×1.6 mm
    Weight 1.89 kg (cased option: 2.65 kg)
    Max. particle size 4.8 mm
    Max. operating temperature 85 °C

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