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Verderflex Vantage 5000 - Powerful, programmable peristaltic pump with various remote control options
High Performance, Accurate Dosing

The new Verderflex Vantage 5000 is an advanced peristaltic cased drive pumps combining precision dosing (4000:1 turndown ratio) with high level of discharge pressures, and up to double the flow than its competitors.

See the Vantage in Action
Easy Programming

The operating system of the Vantage 5000 is designed to be extremely user-friendly, featuring color-coded menus based on highly visible icons, plus on-screen status alerts and alarms. All programming and configurations can be set via the touchscreen. Up to 30 tasks can be stored internally, and pump histories and jobs can be backed up via USB.

Fast Deployment

The Vantage 5000 is stackable and the pump tasks can be transferred from one to another. This effectively makes the deployment very fast and easy. Additionally, various models are available for different remote control options, from analog, SCADA to digital protocols. For instance, the newest Vantage 5000 Modbus® can be networked over the license-free, industry standard Modbus® RTU protocol.

  • Interface \ ModelControlRemoteSCADAWi-FiModbus®Profibus®
    IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi   ✓︎  
    Modbus®    ✓︎✓︎
    Profibus®     ✓︎
    RS-232 / RS-485    ✓︎✓︎
  • Function \ ModelControlRemoteSCADAWi-FiModbus®Profibus®
    Stop/start ✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎
    Product source alarm ✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎
    Destination full alarm ✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎
    Direction control ✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎
    0–10V, 4–20mA (in/out) ✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎
    Tacho frequency output ✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎
    Master/Slave mode ✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎✓︎
    24V DC volt free contacts /
    4 inputs, 4 outputs
      SCADA LV   
    115V AC volt free contacts /
    4 inputs, 4 outputs
      SCADA HV   
Tube Connections
  • Standard pressure versions available in loose tubing or tube element
  • Quick Release or Tri Clamp Tube Elements for low, medium & high pressure options

Verderflex Vantage 5000 is suitable for use in many fields, from aseptic, pharmaceutical environment to the harsh requirements of water treatment and mining. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    • Advanced touch screen technology
    • Intuitive, icon-based menus
    • Large diameter rotor
    • Offering high level of flow rate, greatly enhancing the tube life
    • Precision dosing driven by stepper motor — 4000:1 speed control ratio
    • USB interface for backup and transfer
    • On-board storage for up to 30 dosing programs
    • Numerous remote control options: analog, SCADA and digital protocols including Modbus®
    • Automatic stop when pump head cover is opened
    • Secure access with multilevel passwords
    • Smart tube burst detection
  • Max. flow rate 6600 ml/min
    Max. (discharge) pressure 7 bar
    Turndown ratio 4000:1
    Protection standard IP66 & NEMA 4X
    Display & programming Intuitive 110mm full-color touchscreen LCD
    Dosing program backup USB v2 dataport
    Onboard storage Up to 30 dosing programs
    Main menu access 5 password protected accounts
    Tube failure detection Standard
    Timer specification Real time event clock
    Maximum pump speed 400 rpm
    Power supply rating 85–265V 50/60Hz single phase with fuseless reset switch
    Maximum temperature 40°C
    Tube connections Loose tubing, Quick Release & Mini TriClamp
    Humidity (condensing) 10–100% RH
    Torque Rating 2.2Nm, continuous duty
    Noise <70dB (A) at 1m
    Weight 26 lbs ( ≒ 11.8 kg)

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