OEM Diaphragm Gas Pumps

KNF Neuberger
A Great Variety of Choices

KNF provides a large selection of diaphragm pumps for sampling, evacuating and compressing air and gases.

Pure and Maintenance-free

All pump types are based on the same working principle of an oscillating diaphragm inside the pump head offering oil-free, uncontaminated and maintenance-free operation.


OEM Double Diaphragm Pumps

KNF double diaphragm pumps offer a high level of performance, ultra-low leak rates and greatly enhanced safety, they are especially suitable for working with…


OEM Temperature-Resistant Pumps

Temperature-resistant pumps can transfer air as well as neutral or aggressive gases at temperatures up to 240 °C. They are characterized by a well-balanced…


Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

KNF provides pumps for neutral and mildly aggressive or corrosive gases and vapors. These pumps are extremely popular due to the wide variety of…


OEM Heated Pumps with Electronic Temperature Control

KNF heated diaphragm pumps with electronic temperature control (.26 version) allows the user to conveniently set the desired head temperature as well as the…


OEM Heated Pumps with Thermostatic Temperature Control

To prevent condensation of the media, KNF heated pumps utilize temperature-resistant pump head components and the thermostatic…


Micro Gas Pumps

Providing design engineers installation flexibility in virtually any environment, KNF micro pumps for air and gas offer miniature, yet durable and efficient solutions to…


OEM ATEX-Compliant Pumps

KNF ATEX-compliant pumps are certified with the EU Directive on equipment and protective…


OEM Chemical Resistant Pumps

KNF’s range of chemically resistant pumps (with PTFE/PVDF pump heads) is designed for aggressive gases and vapors and suitable for universal…


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