100% Oil-Free Operation

A drive in the diaphragm pump housing causes the connecting rod to oscillate and the diaphragm to move up and down. On the downward stroke, the diaphragm sucks in the medium via the inlet valve. On the upward stroke, it forces the medium out via the outlet valve.

The diaphragm hermetically seals the compression chamber from the drive mechanism. The pump transfers, evacuates and compresses the medium without any need for oil, resulting in a pure and contaminant-free operation.

Bespoke or Ready to Go

With more than 50 gas and 20 liquid diaphragm pumps, KNF offers a wide range of series products.

Additionally, KNF pumps are modular and can be customized to suit the particular requirements of your applications.

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We offer a wide variety of customization options. Products can be custom-tailored to suit your needs.
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