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For decades, Verder has been one of the industry leaders in developing peristaltic and other types of pumps. The Verder Group designs, manufactures, and assembles all pumps in-house, guaranteeing the highest quality.

To improve the environmental sustainability, Verder now works jointly with institutions such as TNO in the Netherlands, the Jenoptik AG in Germany and the University of Leeds in the UK, ensuring all products can comply with the strictest standards.

DRF is Now an Authorized Distributor for Verder

As an authorized distributor for Verder in Taiwan, DRF is pleased to offer our customers the peristaltic cased tube pumps and peristaltic OEM pumps from Verderflex as well as the Verdermag V-MD.

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Verdermag Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

Currently DRF offers the non-metallic Verdermag V-MD for our customers. Designed for heavy duty environments, this seal-less, magnetic drive centrifugal pump are able to…


Verderflex Peristaltic OEM Pumps

The OEM peristaltic pumps from Verderflex are designed to provide accurate dosing solutions with ease of integration and low maintenance requirements. A selection…


Verderflex Peristaltic Cased Tube Pumps

Ranging from intermittent-duty, manually-controlled pumps to fully programmable models with multi-channel operations, the peristaltic cased tube pumps from Verderflex are accurate dosing solutions capable…


Verder Consumables

Verder produces a number of tubing and accessories. The tubes include Verderprene, Silicone, Tygon and Viton. The accessories includes pH probes, Redox probes and…


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