Max. flow rate l/min
Max. discharge bar
Verderflex Peristaltic OEM R3DC

Verderflex R3DC peristaltic pump combines high flow rate with heavy duty performance for applications requiring reliability, accuracy, and high suction lift capacity. Typically used in printing production, dispensing and industrial detergent.

TubeRPMFlow (ml/min)Flow (l/hr)
    • Robust design with thick wall tube for suction and pressure handling
    • DC motor for speed / flow rate variations
    • Handling the media without contamination
  • Max. flow rate 3.4 l/min
    Max. discharge pressure 2 bar
    Pump head Aluminium alloy with support bearing
    Motor 24V DC 100W Spur gearbox
    Rotor Aluminium alloy
    Tube Verderprene, Silicone
    Tube sizes 6.4×3.2 mm, 8.0×3.2 mm and 9.6×3.2 mm
    Weight 1.75 kg
    Max. particle size 9.6 mm
    Max. operating temperature 85 °C

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