Flow rate (at atm. pressure)





mbar abs.



bar g

Diaphrgam Vacuum Pump for Autoclaves

N 816.3 KPE is specifically designed for steam sterilization and vacuum drying, with two pump heads, two-stage in series.

Equipped with the patented stress-optimized structured diaphragm, this pump features exceptional pneumatic performance and a long durability in conjunction with a very small size.

Fast and Reliable Condensate Removal

The pump heads are made of PPS and have a condensate-repellent surface in the supply area with optimized flow paths. This technology, combined with inclined mounting or wall mounting, facilitates excellent condensate removal and fast drying.

See also N 816.6 KPE (three heads / two-stage). Contact us for more information.

    • Developed for sterilisation and drying processes
    • Optimal flow characteristics for fast drying
    • Condensate-repellent surfaces in the flow area
    • Efficient condensate removal through inclined or wall mounting
    • Compact and powerful
    • Vacuum down to 10 mbar abs.
    • Maintenance free
    • Can operate in any installed position
    • Uncontaminated flow due to oil-free operation
    • High level of gas tightness
  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure16
    Operating pressure bar g0.5
    Voltage V230 V
    Frequencies Hz50 Hz
    Motor protectionIP 00
    Power P1 W100 W
    Weight kg3.0 kg
    I max 0.6
    • Pump head: PPS
    • Diaphragm: EPDM
    • Vavles: EPDM

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