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Pump, two separator flasks & base plate

Excellent Lab Vacuum Pump System

KNF LABOPORT SR 820 G is a laboratory vacuum pump system consisting of the award-winning N 820 G diaphragm vacuum pump, a base plate, and two separator flasks on the suction and pressure side.

Coping well with aggressive/corrosive gases and vapors, it offers a flow rate of up to 20 l/min, an ultimate vacuum of down to 6 mbar abs., and a pressure of up to 0.1 bar g.

The system permits exceptional compatibility of vapors and condensate while transferring, evacuating, and compressing media. It is 100% oil-free and maintenance-free.

Ergonomic and Customizable

As with other products in the newly-revised LABOPORT systems, the SR 820 G also sports several improvements to simplify and enrich daily laboratory processes.

First of all, the LABOPORT SR 820 G is modularly expandable. Users can purchase and install additional elements on demand, allowing for a custom-tailored vacuum system. 

Secondly, a three-color status display (in-operation, standby, and error) makes the process monitoring more user-friendly than ever. Last but not least, the streamlined, brand-new appearance is space-saving, easy to clean, and beautiful.

More Technical Features
  • Integrated gas ballast valve
  • Integrated rotational speed control
  • The pump can start against the ultimate vacuum
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Compact, quiet-running, and reliable

Typical areas of use include:

  • Filtration
  • Degassing
  • Vacuum oven
  • Fluid aspiration
  • Centrifugal concentration

KNF VC 900 vacuum controller can integrate with the LABOPORT SR 820 G, offering more precise control with an intuitive touch interface. Please contact us for details.

  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure20
    Ultimate vacuum mbar abs.6
    Permissible media temperature °C+5° to +40°C
    Permissible ambient temperature °C+5° to +40°C
    Voltage V100 – 240 V
    Frequencies Hz50/60 Hz
    Power P1 W60 W
    Weight kg10.7 kg
    Dimensions W×H×D (mm)282×234×260
    Operating pressure bar0.1
    Operating current 0.35 A (240 VAC); 0.66 A (100 VAC)
    Protection class IP 30
    Inlet hose connections For hose ID 8 ‒ 9.5
    Outlet hose connections For hose ID 10
    • Pump head: TFM™ PTFE
    • Diaphragm: PTFE-coated
    • Valves: FFPM

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