Flow rate (at atm. pressure) Up to l/min
Vacuum Down to mbar absolute
Pressure bar g
KNF N 938.50 K_.18 Series
LABOPORT® Diaphragm Pumps for Air, Gases and Vapors

Series N 938.50 pumps are double-headed, dry-running devices used in a wide range of laboratory applications. The N 938.50 KT.18 is especially suitable for use in degassing and desiccation.

The pumps are equipped with parallel and series connection for the pump heads—resulting in a high pneumatic performance, a durable product and compact size.

Special valves ensure that the pumps can cope easily with vapor and condensation.

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Maintenance free
    • 100% Oil-free operation
    • High level of gas tightness
    • Pure transferring and evacuation of gases
    • Version for slightly aggressive or corrosive gases and vapours
  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure32
    Ultimate vacuum mbar absolute12 / N 938.50 KN, 15 / N 938.50 KT
    Operating pressure bar g0.5
    Hose connections mmID 10
    Permissible gas and ambient temperature °C+5° to +40°C
    Voltage V230 V
    Frequencies Hz50 Hz
    Motor protectionIP 20
    Power P1 W110 W
    Operating current A0.6 A
    Weight kg6.8 kg
    Dimensions L×H×W (mm)317×212×110
    • Motors with other voltages and frequencies on request
    • Pump head: PPS
    • Diaphragm: EPDM for 938.50 KN; PTFE-coated for 938.50 KT
    • Valves: EPDM for 938.50 KN; FFPM for 938.50 KT
  • Title Order No.
    SilencerG 1/8007006
    Hose connectorG 1/8, PVDF, for tube ID 10112004
    Fine control valve with vacuum gaugesuction side112432
    Spares Kitfor N 938.50 KN124808
    Spares Kitfor N 938.50 KT124809

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