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The Powerhouse for Everyday Lab Work

The LABOPORT N 840 G delivers a flow rate of up to 34 l/min, an ultimate vacuum of down to 6 mbar abs., and a pressure of up to 0.1 bar g. 

As a powerhouse that broadly supports common laboratory applications, this pump also comes with many improvements based on long-term, first-hand feedback from researchers and scientists.

Modularly Expandable

Among the most exciting features is the modular expansion capacities. Users can now purchase separators and condensers individually at any time. These optional elements are easily fitted into the LABOPORT N 840 G, thus enabling a versatile, customized vacuum system.

User-Centric and Feature-Rich

User-friendliness is the primary goal when developing the all-new LABOPORT pump series. Here are the features that will make daily lab practice easier:

  • A three-color display that indicates current status: in-operation, standby, and error
  • A streamlined surface that is beautiful and easy to clean
  • A 20% – 30% reduction in pump size compared to previous models, meaning more space for other equipment
  • Integrated gas ballast valve
  • Integrated rotational speed control
  • 100% oil-free operation
Robust, Durable, and ATEX-Compliant

In addition, the LABOPORT N 840 G also sports a durable design. The pump is highly chemically-resistant, widely compatible with most vapors and condensate, and certified with ATEX (Ex) II 2/-G IIB+H2 T3 (internal atmosphere only).

  • Centrifugal concentration
  • Degassing
  • Desiccation
  • Distillation
  • Gel drying
  • Rotary evaporation
  • Vacuum oven

For the entry-level, ultra-mini solution, see the LABOPORT N 96. For applications requiring mid-range performance, refer to the LABOPORT N 820 G. For questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure34
    Ultimate vacuum mbar abs.6
    Operating pressure bar g0.1
    Permissible media temperature °C+5° to +40°C
    Permissible ambient temperature °C+5° to +40°C
    Voltage V100 – 240 V
    Frequencies Hz50/60 Hz
    Power P1 W100 W
    Weight kg11.3 kg
    Dimensions W×H×D (mm)177×240×289
    Hose connections ID 9.5 ‒ 8, PVDF
    Explosion protection (Ex) II 2/-G IIB+H2 T3 internal atmosphere only
    Protection class IP 30
    Operating current A0.6 (240 VAC); 1.0 (100 VAC)
    • Pump head: TFM™ PTFE
    • Diaphragm: PTFE-coated
    • Valves: FFPM

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