NMP 830.1.2 HP

Flow rate (at atm. pressure)

Up to





mbar abs.


Up to


bar g

KNF Micro Gas Diaphragm Pump - NMP 830.1.2HP

Small in Size. Bigger in Performance.

Based on the design of the successful NMP 830, the brand-new NMP 830 HP “High Performance” Series provides more flow, higher pressure and deeper vacuum with the same footprint and 5 mm additional height only.

Measuring 31mm in width, the NMP 830 HP Series offers a 33–44% increase in flow-to-size ratio compared to its predecessors. The dual head version, NMP 830.1.2 HP, reaches a flow rate of up to 10 liters per minute.

Ideal for applications requiring a compact pump with high flow rates, excellent power efficiency, and quiet operation, the NMP 830.1.2 HP is suitable for use in patient monitoring, wound therapy, and respiratory care devices. Other areas include environmental and security monitoring, food processing, fuel-cells and more.

Performance Data
Pump headPPS
DiaphragmEPDM / FKM or PTFE on request
ValveEPDM / FKM or FFKM on request
Flow rate at atm. pressure – l/min8 or 91010
Ultimate vacuum – mbar abs.200200200
Ultimate pressure – bar g2.13.03.0
Media and ambient temperature+5° to +40°C / -20° to +60°C on request
Weight / g340230230

Various Customization Options

All materials are FDA certified. Standard offering in EPDM and PPS wetted components, optionally FKM, PTFE, and FFKM. Brushed, 2-wire or 4-wire brushless DC motor options are available.

For single head version offering up to 5.5 l/min flow rate, see NMP 830 HP. KNF Modular System enables timely response to the market while meeting your specific requirements. Please contact us to learn more.

    • ONE pump for vacuum and pressure application
    • Excellent pneumatic performance
    • Compact size / high power density
    • All materials FDA-certified
    • < 50 mbar abs. 2 head serial

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