NPK 04 Pressure DCB

Flow rate (at atm. pressure)





mbar abs.



bar g

KNF NPK 04 DCB (Pressure/Vacuum) - Swing Piston Pump
NPK 04 Product Family Comparison
TypeMotorDelivery at atm. pressure*
Max. pressure
bar g
Ultimate vacuum
mbar abs.
NPK 04 Vacuum DCStandard DC motor, 12V / 24V3.3300
NPK 04 Pressure DCStandard DC motor, 12V / 24V3.31.0
NPK 04 Vacuum DCBBrushless DC motor, 12V / 24V3.3300
NPK 04 Pressure DCBBrushless DC motor, 12V / 24V3.31.0

*Liter at STP

Areas of Use

NPK 04 series pumps provide an excellent price-performance ratio, and especially small sizes. They are broadly used in the fields of industrial inkjet printing, medical instruments as well as environmental and production technology.

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    • High level of flow rate
    • Maintenance free
    • No contamination of the air due to oil-free operation
    • Very quiet and little vibration
    • Ready for installation
    • Can operate in any installed position
  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure3.3
    Ultimate vacuum mbar abs.-
    Operating pressure bar g1
    Permissible ambient temperature °C+5° to +40°C
    Weight kg0.28 kg
  • Title Order No.

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