Flow rate (at atm. pressure) Up to l/min
Vacuum mbar absolute
Pressure Up to bar g
KNF NMP 05 S - Micro Gas Pump
TypeDelivery at atm. pressure l/min1Max. pressure mbarUltimate vacuum mbar abs.
NMP 05 S

Standard DC motor, 3V

NMP 05 S

Standard DC motor, 5V

NMP 05 M*

DC motor with iron-free rotor, 6V

NMP 05 M*

DC motor with iron-free rotor, 2.5V

NMP 05 L*

DC motor with iron-free rotor, longer durability, 6V

NMP 05 B*

Brushless DC motor, 6V


1 Liter at STP

* Correspond with the EC directive concerning electro-magnetical compatibility 2004/108/EC

    • For version with BLDC motor: no sparks, safe and reliable constant use, and particularly long durability
    • Maintenance free
    • Can operate in any installed position
    • Uncontaminated flow due to oil-free operation
    • Compact size
    • High pneumatic performance
    • High level of gas tightness
    • Low aerodynamic loss
    • Long product life
    • Ready for assembly
    • Pump head: PPS
    • Diaphragm: EPDM
    • Vavles: EPDM

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