Flow rate (at atm. pressure) Up to l/min
Vacuum mbar absolute
Pressure Up to bar g
KNF NMP 015 B - Micro Gas Pump
Micro Diaphragm Pumps for Gas Sampling
KNF Micro Diaphragm Pumps are frequently used in the fields of analysis and medicine, for example, as pumps for gas measurement, or for exhaust gas and smoke analysis, or built into machines for measuring blood pressure.
A Wide Selection of Motors
Pumps in NMP 015 series are admirably suited for use in portable and standalone equipment. For pump drive we provide a selection of DC motors with various levels of performance, durability and price:
  • S: Standard DC motor
  • M: DC motor with iron-free rotor
  • L: DC motor with iron-free rotor, longlife
  • B: Brushless DC motor
We specialize in custom-tailored solutions. Contact us to learn more.
    • For BLDC Version: no sparks, safe and reliable constant use, particularly long durability
    • Maintenance free
    • Can operate in any installed position
    • Uncontaminated flow due to oil-free operation
    • Compact size
    • High pneumatic performance
    • High level of gas tightness
    • Low aerodynamic loss
    • Long product life
    • Ready for assembly
    • Pump head: PPS
    • Diaphragm: EPDM
    • Vavles: EPDM

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