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KNF Diaphragm Liquid Pump - FP 400

Low Pulsation, Less Than 150 mbar

Combining the advantages of diaphragm pump technology with a pulsation level comparable to gear pumps, the FP 400 is an innovation from KNF, targeting recirculation applications in a diverse set of markets.

Pulsation for FP 400 is less than 150 mbar. Levels far below this are achievable, depending on the configuration. The pump delivers up to 5 l/min of liquid at back pressures to 1 bar g, with full linear control of flow between 10% and 100% of the nominal flow rate.

Low Shear, Low Vibration and More

The pump flow is completely stable with fluid viscosities ranging from 1 to 150 cSt. With some flow rate reduction, the FP 400 can handle viscosities up to 500 cSt.

Other benefits include extremely low vibration, a noise level below 55 dBA, an IP 65 protection rating, and chemical resistant material options.

  • ModelFP400 KP DCB-4FP400 KT DCB-4
    Pump HeadPPPP
    Valve / O-ringsEPDMFFKM / FKM
    Flow Rate4.6 l/min4.3 l/min
  • KNF FP400 KPDCB-4 Flow Rate
    FP400 KPDCB-4 Flow Rate Click the Image to Enlarge It
  • KNF FP400 KTDCB-4 Flow Rate
    FP400 KTDCB-4 Flow Rate Click the Image to Enlarge It
  • KNF FP400 KPDCB-4 Control Voltage
    FP400 KPDCB-4 Control Voltage Click the Image to Enlarge It
  • KNF FP400 KTDCB-4 Control Voltage
    FP400 KTDCB-4 Control Voltage Click the Image to Enlarge It
FP 400 Applications
  • Industrial Inkjet Printing
    UV Inks, as well as modern printers that require much higher recirculation flow rates, for example the High Laydown (HL) printhead technology
  • Medical Devices
    Temperature management, including aesthetic laser cooling systems
  • Semiconductor
    Temperature management and cooling, especially in systems with sensors sensitive to pulsation
  • Fuel Cells
    Fuel recirculation and membrane hydration

The FP 400 has been intensively tested for 18 months at major printer and ink manufacturers in five countries across Europe and East Asia. The KNF Modular System ensures full customization possibilities and timely response to the market. Please contact us to learn more.

    • Low pulsation, low shear and low vibration
    • Excellent linear adjustment
    • Self-priming and dry-run safe
    • Able to transfer aggressive media
    • Long lifetime, maintenance-free
    • IP 65
  • Permissible media temperature °C+5° to +80°C
    Permissible ambient temperature °C+5° to +50°C
    Voltage V24 V
    Dimensions L×W×H (mm)155×138×100
    Flow rate at atm. pressure l/min4.6 l/min for KP Version, 4.3 l/min for KT Version
    Max. pressure head mWg10
    Max. suction height mWg3
    Protection factor IP 65
    Motor DCB-4
    Power start at 5°C ambient W79 W
    I start at 5°C ambient A3.3 A
    I start at 25°C ambient A2.4 A
    Wires AWG 22
    Input signal Vctrl / PWM inverse
    Input signal range / Vctrl V0 – 5 V
    Input signal range / PWM inverse %100% – 0%
    Hydraulic connections G 3/8"
    Hose diameter recommendation mmID 12
  • Title Order No.
    Leakage sensorOn request
    Pressure switchOn request
    Pulsation damperOn request
    Anti-vibrations mountsOn request

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