Flow rate (at atm. pressure) Up to l/min
Pressure height mWg
Suction height, self-priming mWg
KNF Diaphragm Liquid Pump - FK 1.1100

Excellent Low Pulsation at High Flow Rates

Doubling the maximum offered by KNF’s previous models, the all-new FK 1.1100 has a flow rate of up to 12 l/min. Most notably is that despite having three working diaphragms, the pump has only one inlet and one outlet. These components inside are connected in parallel and offset at 120°, resulting in minimal shear forces, and less than 200 mbar pulsation.

These improvements in the structure ensure the FK 1.1100 can convey liquid very gently and protect fragile elements of the media.

  • KNF FK1.1100 DCB-4 Flow Curve
    KNF FK1.1100 DCB-4 Flow Curve
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  • KNF FK1.1100 DCB-4 Control Curve
    KNF FK1.1100 DCB-4 Control Curve
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  • KNF FK1.1100 AC 60Hz Flow Rate
    FK1.1100 AC 60 Hz Flow Curve
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  • KNF FK1.1100 AC 50Hz Flow Curve
    FK1.1100 AC 50 Hz Flow Curve
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Robust and Durable

Furthermore, the FK 1.1100 comes with a die-cast aluminum housing and high-torque motors providing continuous operation with up to 6 bar pressure—even at this high pressure, the pump still delivers 8 liters per minute outstandingly.

Fully Customizable

This newest addition to the KNF OEM line is available in various material selections such as an NSF/ANSI 169 food-safe version, and elastomers with higher chemical resistance. Motor options include BLDC or single-phase AC. The speed of BLDC motors can be controlled using analog or digital PWM signals.

With a focus on your requirements, KNF provides a wide variety of customization possibilities. Please <a href=”#0″ class=”trigger trigger-contact-popup”>contact us</a> to learn more.

    • 200 mbar low pulsation
    • Excellent linearity
    • Dry-run safe and self-priming
    • AC / DC motor options
    • High chemical resistance

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