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KNF Liquid Pump -FK1100 KPDCB 4

Revolutionary Triple-Diaphragm

The KNF FK 1100 diaphragm liquid pump is one of the most advanced solutions on the market. The pump has only one inlet and one outlet, and all of the three diaphragms inside are connected in parallel and offset at 120°, resulting in minimal pulsation and shear forces.

  • KNF FK1100 Flow Curve
    KNF FK1100 DCB-4 Flow Curve
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  • KNF FK1100 KPDCB-4 Control Curve
    KNF FK1100 DCB-4 Control Curve Click the Image to Enlarge It
  • KNF FK1100 AC 60Hz Flow Rate
    FK1100 AC 60 Hz Flow Curve Click to Enlarge It
  • KNF FK1100 AC 50Hz Flow Curve
    FK1100 AC 50 Hz Flow Curve Click the Image to Enlarge It

Twice the Flow Rate with Low Pulsation

A maximum of 12 l/min flow rate is twice than the previous models provided by KNF. Easily achieving pulsation values below 200 mbar at the inlet and outlet, the FK 1100 permits gentle transferring of sensitive and fragile media.

Robust Design with Various Material Options

The pump is robust, adjustable and offered in various application-friendly materials, including NSF/ANSI 169 food-safe and chemically resistant versions.

With a die-cast aluminum housing and high-torque motors that provide continuous operation with up to 6 bar back pressure, the FK 1100 delivers an impressive 8 l/min flow rate.

Areas of use include inkjet printing, food/beverage industry, pharmaceutical processes, chemical industry, cleaning and disinfection, and more.

Pumps from KNF are well-known for their customization possibilities. Please contact us for more information.

    • 200 mbar low pulsation
    • Excellent linearity
    • Self-primg and dry-run proof
    • AC and DC motor options
    • NSF/ANSI 169 certified (.51 verison)
    • High chemical resistance

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