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KNF N 940.5
Excellent Suction Speed with Low Absolute Pressures

KNF N940.5 series pumps are well-suited for applications requiring excellent suction speed with low absolute pressures. They are quad-head vacuum pumps with three stages. These pumps come with the KNF Stabilization System, enabling an impressively high suction, especially in the low-vacuum range.

Multi-Voltage Supply & Adjustable Delivery

N 940.5 APE-W is available with adjustable flow rate on request; in this case, either a potentiometer or an external controller with an analog signal input will alter the motor speed. These pump versions make it possible to adapt the flow rate to the requirements of a specific application.

Contact us for more information. See also: roughing pumps for turbomolecular systems.

Motor Data
TypeN 940.5 APE

AC version in IP 54

N 940.5 APE-W

Multi-voltage power supply input

Protection classIP 54IP 20
Voltage V230100–240
Frequencies Hz5050–60
Power P1 W250250
Imax A1.72.9
    • KNF Stabilization System – Optimized suction speed, also for low absolute pressures
    • Multi-voltage power supply input (N 940.5 APE-W)
    • Pure transferring and evacuation of air and gases
    • Cool and efficient brushless motor
    • Quiet running
    • Can operate in any installed position
    • High level of gas tightness, approx. 6×10-3 mbar × l/s (not tested in serial production)
    • Pump head: Aluminum
    • Diaphragm: EPDM
    • Vavles: EPDM

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