Flow rate (at atm. pressure)

30 (per head)




mbar abs.



bar g

Temperature-Resistant Twin-Head Pumps

N 036.0 AT.16E and N 036.0 ST .16E are temperature-resistant pumps without heating. The maximum permissible temperature can be up to 240°C. They are twin-head pump delivered with no head connections by default. Instead, various connections are available as options.

Please note that in standard configuration, the temperature is set separately for each pump head. A shared temperature specification for both pump heads is also available as an option. Contact us for more details.

    • No condensation in the pump head
    • Maintenance free
    • High level of gas tightness, approx. 6×10-3 mbar × l/s (not tested in serial production)
    • Even saturation of heat throughout the pump head
    • Low heat loss to surroundings
    • Easy access to the pump head
  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure30 (per head)
    Ultimate vacuum mbar abs.200
    Operating pressure bar g1.5
    Voltage V~230 V
    Frequencies Hz50/60 Hz
    Power P1 W300 W
    Operating current A2.0 A
    Weight kgAT 18.2 / ST 22.2 kg
    Transferring air and gases at temperatures between: °C+5° and +240°C
    • Pump head: AT / Aluminum; ST / Stainless steel
    • Diaphragm: PTFE
    • Valves: PTFE

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