Flow rate (at atm. pressure) Up to l/min
Vacuum Down to mbar absolute

Pump, base plate, separator, condenser, vacuum controller, valves and electrical supply unit

KNF Labobase 840.40 Laboratory Vacuum Pump System
    • Fully automatic, chemically resistant vacuum pump system for up to 10 users
    • More room on the laboratory bench
    • Vacuum supply points with regulated tapping
    • Silent, environment-friendly and maintenance-free
    • Simple connection to the line power (power plug) and to the pneumatic system
  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure 34
    Weight kg 22.9 kg
    Pneumatic connections for tube ID mm 10
    Vacuum pump included in the system  N 840.3 FT.40.18
  • Title   Order No.
    Gas washing bottle 0.5 liter 045886
    Coolant valve G 1/2, ID 8 045075
    Non-return valve unregulated, for safety cabinets (PE-HD) 118366
    Vacuum supply point for safety cabinets (PPS) 118364
    Vacuum supply point unregulated, for installation in laboratory equipment (PPS) 118362
    Mobile controller unit for regulated vacuum supply (chemical-resistant) 048459

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