Flow rate (at atm. pressure) l/min
Pressure height mWg
Suction height, self priming mWg
NF 10 KP.51 DC - Certified NSF/ANSI 169
NF 10 KP.51 DC

NF 10 KP.51 DC is certified according to the standard NSF/ANSI 169, thus can be used with food and consumables safely. Click here for a complete list of NSF-approved products.

The KNF Modular System contains a wide range of materials, motors, voltages and frequencies. Contact us for a tailored solution to meet your requirements.

    • Self-priming, small and powerful
    • Drying running, durable and maintenance-free
    • Extreme chemical resistance – PTFE, PVDF, FFKM are used for the parts in contact with the liquid

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