Flow rate (at atm. pressure)

16 ± 10%



≤ 200

mbar abs.



bar g

KNF N 922 FTE Chemical-Resistant Gas Sampling Pump
Strong, Robust and Cost-Efficient

The N 922 series pumps for gas sampling are designed to be extremely easy to service. While modified PTFE, FFPM and other materials/coatings are used to offer long durability and great resistance to chemicals, these pumps take one step further by helping to reduce the operating costs.

The only parts that have to be replaced are the diaphragm and the valves. Depending on how the pump is used, the maintenance work just has to be performed once a year and can be easily carried out by using a standard tool.

Few replacement parts, long periods between required maintenance work, and low costs for spare parts make N 922 series pumps an excellently cost-efficient choice for gas sampling applications.

Higher Permissible Ambient Temperature

Moreover, compared to previous models, the more advanced N 922 series pumps can operate at higher ambient temperatures of up to 60°C.

See N 922 FT.29E for models with adjustable flow rate. Contact us to learn more about all customization possibilities.

    • High resistance to chemicals
    • Long service life
    • Maintenance free
    • 100% Oil-free operation
    • Very quiet and little vibration
    • Can be installed in virtually any position
    • Cool running motor, even in continuous operation
    • Pure transfer, evacuation and compression of air, gases and vapors
    • High level of gas tightness, approx. 6×10-3 mbar × l/s
  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure16 ± 10%
    Ultimate vacuum mbar abs.≤ 200
    Operating pressure bar g2.0
    Permissible media temperature °C+5° to +50°C
    Permissible ambient temperature °C+5° to +60°C
    Motor protectionIP 55
    Weight kg7.3 kg
    • Pump head: Modified PTFE
    • Diaphragm: PTFE-coated
    • Valves/Sealing: FFPM

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