RC 900 Rotary Evaporator - Winner of RedDot Design Awards 2014
The Award Winner, Backed by Your Valuable Feedback

Tailored to practical needs in the everyday lab work, the compact design and the portable control unit made KNF RC 900 a winner of RedDot Design Award 2014.

During the design process, KNF collected lots of customer suggestions to improve the functional details, making RC 900 the ideal choice for precise distillation. Features include:

Stable and Intuitive Control
  • “Memory Function”—saving current immersion depth and rotation speed of the flask, for easy and reliable process repeatability
  • Parameters for distillation and for the heating bath are easily set via touchscreen and control knob
  • Uncomplicated flask exchange—flask simply locks into place—using just one hand
  • Convenient, fully variable flask angle set via an adjustable knob
Safety Enhancements
  • Bluetooth wireless remote control, for increased safety and flexibility
  • Cordless heating bath with diode to indicate heat level and a pour spout for safe, spill-free emptying
  • Tube guide inside the tower makes the operation tidy and safe
Sleek Design
  • Minimum footprint, taking up very little space
  • Whisper quiet for a pleasant working environment
Combination Possibilities
Technical Data
1. Heating Bath
Temporature +20° to +180°C
2. Coolant Supply Parameters (Chilled Condenser)
Permissible pressure 3 bar
Permissible temperature -15° to +20°C
Coolant-coated surface 1230 cm2
3. Parameters of Evaporation Flask
Size of evaporation flask 50–3000 mL
Rotational speed of evaporation flask 25–250 1/min
Length of stroke 150 mm
Lifting speed 38 mm/s
4. Dimensions (W×D×H)
– without glass (footprint) 431×447×464 mm
– with glass (footprint) 487×447×823 mm
5. Remote Control Unit
Wireless range approx. 50 m without obstacles
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RC 900 Accessories
RC 900 accessories, from left to right: protective cover, refill valve and coolant valve
  • Title   Order No.
    Protective cover for heating bath 127204
    Refill valve 300639
    Coolant valve 300853
    Vacuum seal 113046
    Dry ice cold finger 301696

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