KNF RC 600 - Rotary Evaporator Designed for Academia Labs
Designed for University Labs
KNF RC 600 Rotary Evaporator is specifically designed to withstand continuous, intensive use while precisely meeting the unique safety requirements of training labs. Main features include:
  • Memory function—saving the flask’s current immersion depth and rotation speed for easy and reliable process repeatability
  • Safe and compact—cordless heating bath with pour spout, fixed tube guide – typical hazards eliminated thanks to well thought out solutions
  • Easy flask exchange—flask simply locks into place—and can be done with one hand
  • Central control unit—all functions can be operated via an easy-to-use membrane keypad
  • Cordless heating bath with a diode to indicate heat level and a pour spout for spill-free emptying
Combination Possibilities
Several system packages are available to suit different needs and budgets:
Technical Data
1. Heating Bath
Temporature+20° to +180°C
2. Coolant Supply Parameters (Chilled Condenser)
Permissible pressure3 bar
Permissible temperature-15° to +20°C
Coolant-coated surface1230 cm2
3. Parameters of Evaporation Flask
Size of evaporation flask50–3000 mL
Rotational speed of evaporation flask25–250 1/min
Length of stroke150 mm
Lifting speed38 mm/s
4. Dimensions (W×D×H)
– without glass (footprint)431×453×464 mm
– with glass487×453×823 mm
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  • Title Order No.
    Protective cover for heating bath127204
    Refill valve300639
    Coolant valve300853
    Vacuum seal113046
    Dry ice cold finger301696

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