FDV 1.300/1.301



bar g

Product Comparison
TypeMin. pressure
bar g
Max. pressure
bar g
Max. flow rate with liquid
Max. flow rate with gas
FDV 1.300 / 1.3012.06.512300
FDV 300 / 3010.82.512300
FDV 1.30 / 1.312.06.53150
FDV 30 / 310.52.53150
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Equally suitable for use with both liquids or gases
    • Extreme chemical resistance
    • Durable and maintenance free
  • Operating pressure bar g2.0–6.5
    Lowest adjustable pressure bar g2
    Highest adjustable pressure bar g6.5
    Factory set working pressure bar g3
    Max. flow rate for liquid l/min12
    Max. flow rate for gas Nl/min300
    Max. permissible temperature for media °C80°C
    Max. permissible operating temperature °C80°C
    Connecting threads G 3/8"
    Weight according to material of constr. g50–70

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