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KNF OEM Pump - N 850 HP
A Great Performance Leap

Offering a spectacular ≥ 50% increase in the flow performance, the NMP 850 HP is only 2.5 mm taller than its predecessor NMP 850. With its lightweight footprint, the single-headed version delivers a flow rate of up to 7 l/min, an ultimate vacuum of down to 220 mbar abs., and a pressure of up to 2.2 bar g. Furthermore, these performance parameters can be custom tailored on request.

Robust, Digitally-Adjustable, and Quiet-Running

The NMP 850 HP provides excellent pneumatic performance in a compact size, along with low vibration, low noise, and long service life. Moreover, the pump can be installed in any position, and its BLDC motor is digitally adjustable, making it ideal for use in portable medical devices and environmental monitors.

Modularly Customizable

The NMP 850 HP comes with various diaphragm/valve material options. 2- and 4-wire BLDC motors are also available. Standard offerings include FDA-certified wetted components. Contact us to learn more.

Please refer to NMP 850.1.2 HP for the two-headed version.

  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure7
    Ultimate vacuum mbar abs.220
    Operating pressure bar g2.2
    Permissible gas and ambient temperature °C+5° to +40°C, extended temperature on request
    • Pump head: PPS
    • Diaphragm: EPDM/PTFE/FKM
    • Valves: EPDM/FKM/FFKM

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