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Pressure head



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Greatly Simplifying the Integration

KNF FL 10 liquid pump provides a flow rate of 0–100 ml/min in an extraordinarily robust and compact design. The flow rate adjustments are fast and easy via signal frequency modulation, and spring tension used in the drive prevents uncontrolled liquid flow and backflow when switched off.

Diaphragm Liquid Pumps - FL10
Left: FL 10 AC; Right: FL10 DC-P with DC motor and PFM input signal
Bulit for Use in Demanding Conditions

IP 65 protection reduces the need for additional safety measures in your system, and the sealing between pump housing and the drive ensures fail-safe operation.

Laser-welded head parts keep the pump leakage-free, supporting a clean environment and reducing the loss of precious liquids.

Reliable KNF Diaphragm Technology

Thanks to the well-proven KNF diaphragm technology, the medium is transported extremely gently, which is of benefit especially in the case of sensitive fluids. Furthermore, there is no contamination from wear particles, as in the case of gear pumps, for example.

Combined with long-lasting linear drive technology and outstanding dry-run properties, this results in pumps that are maintenance-free throughout their lifetime, expected 10,000 hours.

Various Voltages

KNF FL 10 is available with coils for the following voltages: – 24V DC – 230V AC / 50HZ – 115 AC / 60 Hz. The integrated freewheeling diode prevents feedback of discharge spikes into your system and makes suppression measures unnecessary.

Chart: FL 10 DC-P Flow Curve
Flow curve charts of KNF FL 10. Click or tap the images to view them in the original size.

Possible applications including analytical engineering, medical technology, ink-jet printing, and more. The pump can be further customized for your own needs. Contact us to learn more.

    • Good controllability of the low rate by means of PFM signal
    • IP 65 protection class for operation in harsh environments
    • Clean and gentle transportation of sensitive liquids
    • Integrated overpressure limit
    • Self-priming and dry run safe
    • Valve function when switched off prevents uncontrolled flow
    • Long lifetime and maintenance-free

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