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KNF FEM 1.02.55 RC - Diaphragm Liquid Pump
Dose Small Quantities Over a Long Period of Time
  • Dosing very small quantities of liquid: 5–180 μl
  • Partial stroke adjustment by potentiometer or analog signals 0–10 V / 4–20 mA
  • Digital Input for single partial stroke
  • Calibration by internal potentiometer
  • Priming with constant motor speed
  • Alarms in case of lost step or excessive pressure
  • Simple and precise pump control
  • Flexibility of the control process
  • Different speeds for the suction and the dispense stroke (two for the suction stroke and five for the dispense stroke)
  • Maintenance free ( >10,000 hours resp. > 108 Strokes)
  • Competitive price
  • Long service life
  • High chemical resistance
  • Self-priming and dry-running
  • Different mounting solutions
  • Excellent repeatability

More customer-specific solutions such as modular construction and other connectors are available on request. Contact us to learn more.

See also: FEM 1.09.55 RC for larger dosing quantities from 10 to 520 μl.

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