N 838 AN.12 DC-B/.12.29 DC-B

Flow rate (at atm. pressure) Up to l/min
Vacuum mbar absolute
Pressure bar g
KNF N 838 AN.12 DC-B Double Diaphragm Pump
High Performance with Improved Protection

KNF double diaphragm pumps offer a high level of performance and greatly enhanced safety, especially when working with dangerous, rare and valuable gases.

A “safety diaphragm” is located underneath the working diaphragm, providing additional protection.

Being under less mechanical stress when the pump is operating, the safety diaphragm has a significantly longer service life. Thus ensuring that no gas can escape into the environment even if the working diaphragm ruptures.

TypeDelivery at atm. pressure* l/minUltimate vacuum mbar abs.Pressure bar g
N 838 AN.12 DCB252000.6
N 838 AN.12.29 DCB4.9–252000.6

*Liter at STP

Adjustable Flow Rate

The flow rate of the .29 model can be regulated and matched to the specific parameters in your system. Contact us for further information.

    • Double diaphragm: high security against escape of hazardous or valuable gases
    • With BLDC motor: cool-running even in constant use, wide-range speed controllability
    • Maintenance free
    • Very quiet and little vibration
    • Compact size
    • Long product life
    • Uncontaminated transfer
    • High level of gas tightness, approx. 6×10-4 mbar × l/s (not tested in serial production)
  • Flow rate l/min at atm. pressure25
    Ultimate vacuum mbar absolute250
    Operating pressure bar g0.6
    Permissible ambient temperature °C+5° to +40°C
    Voltage V24 V
    Motor protectionIP 20
    Power P1 W46 W
    Transferring air and gases at temperatures between: °C+5° and +40°C
    I max A1.9
    • Pump head: Aluminum
    • Diaphragm: NBR
    • Valves: NBR

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